Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into The Oldie app?

You can login to the app using your customer number if you have an active digital or print & digital subscription.

How can I get help with The Oldie app?

If you have any problems with accessing your digital subscription, please contact

What are the delivery times for The Oldie?

The delivery times for The Oldie are as follows:

UK 1-3 Working Days
Europe 5-7 Working Days
Middle East 5-10 Working Days
USA or North America 5-7 working days
Central and South America 8-14 Working Days
Africa 8-14 Working Days
Asia 8-14 Working Days
Australia 5-7 Working Days

How do I find my Customer Number?

Your customer number can be found on any correspondence received by letter of email. Customer Numbers are 12 digits long and begin with 0016.

What currencies are available to purchase a subscription?

Pound sterling is the only available currency when purchasing a subscription to The Oldie.

Can I purchase a single issue instead of a subscription?

You can purchase single issues by phoning our customer service team on +44 (0)330 333 0195. The pricing is as follows:

UK £4.25
Europe £5.25
USA/Canada £6.25
ROW £7.25

Discounts are available upon request when purchasing six or more copies at once.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time or on expiry of your current subscription term, a refund will be generated for the remaining liability. We will attempt to refund the money to the original payment source.

What should I do if I have not received my refund?

Card refunds take 5-7 working days to show in your account. There is a 2 week time frame for cheque refunds.

What is the address if I need to return a cheque refund?

You can return cheque refunds to:

90 Walcot Street

Do you have a claim period for issues and gifts?

If you have not received your gift or have missed an issue, we can arrange for a replacement or issue extension if a claim is made within 3 months of the sent date.

What debit/ credit cards do you accept as payment ?

Maestro, Visa and MasterCard

What is your data protection statement?

The Oldie collects your data so that we can fulfil your subscription. You will also receive the free, optional weekly newsletter. We may also, from time to time, send you details of Oldie offers, events and competitions, but you always have a choice and can opt out by emailing us at We do not share with (or sell) your data to third parties. Details you share with us will be managed as described in our Privacy Policy here:

Is there a device limit for accessing my digital subscription?

No, there is no device limit. The Oldie app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Why am I no longer able to access my digital subscription via Exact Editions?

Free access to digital is no longer offered to print subscribers; a decision was made to take down the service. If you would like access to the app, you need to subscribe to digital or print & digital package.

Why is my annual direct debit leaving my account before the full year has finished?

The Oldie is issued every 4 weeks, not every month. There are therefore 13 issues in a year. You are effectively paying for 11 months, hence the Direct Debit payment takes ‘a month earlier’ in each renewal period.

Can I purchase gifts separately?

You can purchase gifts separately two ways. Either on The Oldie store: Alternatively, you can contact our telephone team on +44 (0)330 333 0195.

Can I pay by invoice?

You can pay by invoice on request by calling our customer service team on +44 (0)330 333 0195. Our customer service representatives will be able to set up your order and arrange an invoice to be sent via email or post.

Who do I contact about the Literary Lunches?

Any queries regarding the Literary Lunches can be sent to

How do I remove myself from mailing lists?

To be removed from mailing lists, you can contact our customer service team by email or by phone +44 (0)330 333 0195.

Am I able to suspend by subscription?

Subscriptions can be suspended at any time by email or telephone. If a subscription is suspended and you have digital access, this will also be suspended.

Is my subscription subject to tax?

Tax is included in the Digital and Print & Digital subscriptions to The Oldie.